Frank Zane the Legend

Posted: October 8, 2010 in Article, Bodybuilders
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Frank Zane was born in the year 1942 on June 28th. He was born in Kingston, Pennsylvania. He is five feet nine inches tall. He weighs 190 lb. he now resides in Palm Springs in California.

He studied from the Wilkes University and holds a degree in B.S. he also holds a degree in B.A. in psychology. He got this from Cal State LA. He also did his Masters in Experimental Psychology in the year 1990.

Zane has won the Mr. Olympia title thrice. That was from the year 1977 to 1979. They were consecutive wins.

He is regarded as one among the bodybuilders who have the thinnest waistline. He has wide shoulders. He is one among the few people who could defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger in a bodybuilding competition.

He has won many competitions; they are Mr. Keystone, IFBB Mr. Universe Medium, IFBB Mr. America Medium, Mr. Universe, NABBA Pro Mr. Universe Short, Mr. Sunshine State, and Mr. Olympia. Some other contests where he participated and did fairly well are Mr. Universe Tall, he stood third and fourth in Mr. Olympia of 1980 and 1983.

Bodybuilding was a passion for him and he wrote books on them. He was awarded the Arnold Schwarzenegger lifetime achievement award. He is also called as The Chemist; this is because he holds a degree in Science. In the year 1980, he started a gym in Palm Springs. Presently he stays in San Diego along with his wife. She is Christine.

Some of the books on bodybuilding written by Frank are Super Bodies in 12 weeks, The Zane way to a beautiful body, Zane Nutrition, Fabulously Fit Forever, Frank Zane Mind Body Spirit, The HIGH DEF Handbook, Frank Zane Training Manual etc. in the year 1998 he also published a newsletter where he would give all the data regarding bodybuilding and to endorse aesthetic body.

He has also worked as a producer in See Arnold Run. He also has a website and goes for seminars. He was always inclined to do something more for bodybuilding. He trains people and also trains them for weightlifting. He has sessions in San Diego called as The Zane Experience.

He not only had great respect for his profession but also went on to impart the knowledge that he had gained over the years of practice and work out. He is regarded as a strong man and the one who emphasized on an aesthetic physique. He retires in the year 1983. But he still kept on his work training and educating people.


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