Oral Steroids

Product Brand / Country Price (RM)
Anabol    5mg/1000tablets British Dispensary (thai) 260
Danabol 10mg/500tablets Body Research (thai) 250
Androlic 50mg/100tablets British Dispensary (thai) 260
Azolol 5mg/400tablets British Dispensary (thai) 260
Stan0zolol 10/5mg/200tablets LA Pharma (thai) 140
Clenbuterol 20mcg/200tablets LA Pharma (thai) 160
T3 Cytomel  5mg/100tablets LA Pharma(thai) 150
Anavar  Oxandrolone 10mg/30tablets LA Pharma(thai) 220
Andriol Testocap 180
Ovinum Clomid 72
Novaldex 170
Provironum 160

Injectable Steroids

Product Brand / Country Price (RM)
Testosterone Enanthate 250mg Schering (Germany) 18
Testiviron Depot 250mg/20amp Schering (Geany) 22
Sustanon  250mg/1ml Organon(Pakistan) 20
Deca Durobolin 100mg/1ml Organon(Pakistan) 17
Velbodex Equipose 250mg/10ml Thaiger Phaa 300
Stanazolol   50mg/10ml Thaiger Phaa 160
Finexal Trenbolone 10ml/100mg Thaiger Phaa 330
Remastril (Masteron ) 100mg/ 10ml Thaiger Phaa 330
Dexxa250 250mg/10ml Thaiger Phaa 280
Trenbolene 100mg/1ml/5vial/box Monster lab (swiss) 340
Primobolan Depot 100mg/1ml Schering (Geany) 44
Testolic 100mg/10amp/2ml Body Research (thai) 130
Test comp 250mg/10ml Unigen (genesis) 210
Nandro 250 250mg/10ml Unigen(genesis) 250
stanozol RWR 20ml 270
stanozol RWR 50ml 480
Illium Stanabolic 50mg X 20ml Australia 280
Jintropin (Gen-Sci) 100iu China 1200
Hygetropin (Hygene – 200iu) China 1750
Getropin (Hygene -100iu) China 1100
Igftropin IGF Lr3 1000mcg/10vial China 1400

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